About Us

Functional, well-crafted goods for the modern gardener and the everyday outdoors

Gardening is about that felt experience of caring for and collaborating with nature in our own space and welcoming some wildness into our lives, be that on a smallholding, in a community garden, a back garden, on a balcony or windowsill or within our homes. It’s about honouring our innate human tendency to connect with other beings. We all need to feel that connection, today more than ever. Here at Wood & Meadow, we want to reimagine and redefine what gardening is and how we interact with nature so we can reconnect and get the most out of our everyday outdoor experiences. 

About Us

From our home in the Lancashire countryside, Wood & Meadow curates a thoughtful collection of well-crafted, high-quality products for the garden and everyday outdoors. We work with brands who share our values and create functional and beautiful products that will stand the test of time. As well as this, we craft our own line of products, starting with The Gardener’s Jacket, which we’ve partnered with local craftspeople to manufacture here in Lancashire. Wood & Meadow was inspired by our founder Barrie Thompson’s desire to create a new culture in the world of gardening for those who love interacting with nature within their own space in meaningful ways. 

Reimagine gardening

Whether indoors or outdoors, on an allotment or in a window box, welcoming nature into our lives makes us feel good, right? It’s innately human to crave that connection to other beings. We like to care for things. And in turn they care for us. Our house plants offer us joy. Our veg plots offer us health. Our garden beds offer us a place to think. Among the plants and wild places, we can reconnect to ourselves and nature and escape the noise of our modern world. This is rarely celebrated in the gardening world. But isn’t this why we do it? Let’s change the conversation. 

Slow and curious

Tending to plants and spending time outdoors invites us to unwind and slow down. Modern life races by while nature unapologetically moves at its own pace. And when we slow down, we notice things more. We see nature at work, and the world appears more colourful. We experience the seasons, not as four blocks of the year but as a slow fade as the natural world moves through its iterative process of seasonality. Not only does this enrich our interactions with nature but it leads to us living more mindful lives.


Yes, we are an online store, but we want to be so much more than that. Our ambition is to create a space for the conversation around how we can redefine how we interact with nature and the outdoors, reclaiming the conversation from those who seek to tame or conquer nature. We want to build a community that’s inclusive and recognises that nature connection is innately felt by everyone and contribute to the movement of likeminded people who are changing the narrative around gardening and the outdoor experience.

Function and beauty

We started with just ten products. Over the years, we’ve added to our considered curation, selecting items that are functional and beautiful, high-quality and well-crafted, from brands that share our values. We believe in sustainability through longevity. The products we buy should stand the test of time. They should be cherished and cared for and become storied features in our lives. The Gardener’s Jacket is the first item in our own line of products, which we’ve partnered with local craftspeople to manufacture here in Lancashire. We believe in supporting local, independent businesses where we can.