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Sneeboer Leaf Rake

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Skilled master craftsmen use traditional hand-forging techniques to make high quality garden tools and have been doing so, in north west Holland for over a century.

The hallmark of Sneeboer is the synergy between new and old. Sneeboer artisans constantly seek new challenges, striving to develop innovative new tools, to improve on those tools that have proven their worth down the centuries and to resurrect tools which have been forgotten about.

The 25 mm diameter ash handle is specially constructed, laid on a stainless steel core and afterwards riveted with two brass rivets.
This Sneeboer Leaf Rake, not only is used to gather unwanted materials on your lawn such as leaves, but also used for cleaning paths, borders, parks, and recreational grounds.
A beautifully and well thought design. A joy to use.

Overall length: 178cm

Weight: 800g

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