Sneeboer Border Spade with Steps

Whether you're turning over an allotment or decorative border, this large spade really delivers and is perfect for digging and planting. With a solid 90 cm T-handle and a stainless steel blade complete with boot protectors for slicing through the soil.

Skilled master craftsmen use traditional hand-forging techniques to make high quality garden tools and have been doing so, in north west Holland for over a century.

The hallmark of Sneeboer is the synergy between new and old. Sneeboer artisans constantly seek new challenges, striving to develop innovative new tools, to improve on those tools that have proven their worth down the centuries and to resurrect tools which have been forgotten about.

  • Width of head 15 cm
  • Length of head 23 cm
  • Length of handle 90 cm
  • Total length 110 cm
  • Material of handle Ash wood
  • Weight 1.7 kg

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