Rakesprogress Magazine - Issue 8

A progressive guide to gardens, plants and flowers.

In the editors words, Rakesprogress will give you an excuse to pause. So enter the world beyond your window: chop wood, pick mushrooms, plant a border, set fire to a bonfire, identify the trees above your head, save some seeds from your allotment for next year... the read this magazine. Slowly.

In this issue Michael Hodges interviews Azuma Makoto,Simon Bray talks about the importance and meaning in everyday family photographs,Allan Jenkins gives us his dawn manifesto,Sean Swallowon why gardening is a refuge,Yan Wang Preston’s extraordinary project photographing ‘Mother River’,Tom Massey on the life changing Refugee gardens in Syria and Saddleworth’s lost landscape beautifully photographed bySpencer Murphy with words byLucy Kehoe

A gorgeous magazine of 224 pages, full of interviews, tips and stunning photography.