Pendleton Fire Legend Sunset Jacquard Blanket

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A made-in-America wool blanket in a dazzling geo pattern. It's based on a Native American legend that says a hero disguised himself as a rabbit to capture fire for his people, a victory honoured in this vivid design. Reverses to pattern's opposite.

The Fire Legend story: Manabozho, the Chippewa trickster, worried that his People were cold. He travelled to the home of an old man and his daughters, then changed into a shivering rabbit. The daughters then scooped him up and set him by the warm hearth while their father slept. The old man woke and chased Manabozho, who caught a spark on his fur and raced back to share fire with his People. This pattern shows the old man's hearth fire warming his daughter's combs and shawls.


  • Un-napped; fabric is left uncombed for sharper pattern definition
  • Whipstitch binding
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in USA


  • Throw 162cm x 203cm (64" x 80")