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In the early 90s, Jorrit & Nicky, the co-founders of Millican, crossed paths in the small town of Vilcabamba which you’ll find on the border of Ecuador and Peru. They ended up travelling together for the next two years passing through incredible places and meeting new people along the way.

 Then one day in 2008, settled into regular life back in the UK, they chance upon a story which would change their lives for good. The true story of Millican Dalton.

 Millican Dalton was a bit of a maverick. A man who swapped his life in London for an extraordinary life in the mountains of the Lake District.

 Inspired by Millican’s independent and adventurous nature they packed their bags and followed in his footsteps to the Lake District, settled into a small community and started making sustainable bags.

 In homage to Millican Dalton, who made his own clothing and rucksacks, they decided to call their company after him. Millican’s philosophy lives on.