Klippan Knut Brushed Lambs Wool Throw - Dark Grey

Classic wool throw made of New Zealand lambs wool. It is no coincidence that New Zealand belongs to the world’s largest wool producing countries. Their landscape is especially suitable for sheep farming. The sheep are outside all year round and grazing grass in the lush landscape. It makes the wool become thick, clean and really white. 

The definition of lambs wool is the first cut of a sheep that is no older than six months. 
Made by a family-run business known for the their pure use of fibres and quality design.

To be able to manage the production and fully control the quality they produce all the blankets and throws from start to finish in their own factory. All the wool can be traced back to the individual sheep farmer. This means they can ensure high quality and at the same time be environmental friendly.

  • 100% New Zealand Lambs Wool
  • Dimensions: 130cm x 200cm
  • Colour: Dark Grey and White

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