Kotoh Folding Knife

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Small, delicate and extraordinarily beautiful folding friction knife from Kotoh, with Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis) handle and a 2.5" blade of Hitachi SS3 stainless steel. 

Mr Kotoh has recently retired from the Japanese Defence Force, and can now put his full efforts into knife production. It's just him - each one is entirely hand forged. The burr handles vary - of course - and may be much lighter, or darker than illustrated. 

This is a more a delicate pocket knife more than a bush craft or survivalist knife.

Comes with a simple complimentary soft leather pouch.

  • Hand forged
  • 2.5" blade of Hitachi SS3 stainless steel
  • Chinese quince handle

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Dimensions: Closed 10.5cm long, open 14.5cm long



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