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Every morning, I would wake up to the sound of the garden hose, as I peered to the sight of my Grandmother from the second floor window. I remember those days when me and my childhood friend would run around in the grass. I can still smell the damp soil. I used to hate walking barefoot on the grass.
Every morning, until I was eleven, she would walk around the garden to water her precious plants. She loved her garden so much; she planted and planted and planted some more. She would get up at 5 in the morning, water the plants then join us to eat breakfast. I got so used to that setting. I was so curious why it was important to maintain these things. I had no idea what’s so special in a garden full of plants. I hated butterflies and caterpillars and I’m even allergic to ant bites.
Every morning, this was her routine, until one day she wasn’t gardening anymore. I was growing up and she was counting her days. A few trips to the hospital became several until she had to spend weeks in a hospital. She grew tired of eating and demanded to stay at home. I would normally visit her house and watch the television while she lies down her bed, sleeping. That was the time I hated so much.
I grew worried. Worried what might happen after. I didn’t want for her to go. I learned that keeping a garden is hard to maintain. Just like life itself. When my Grandmother was alive, the garden was full of life, happy and full of color. I missed that part of her. I finally realised how important it is to keep something. I could have spent those summers, learning how to garden or to just spend a few more days with her before she left this world. I wish to take care and maintain her garden, make it look just like it was when I was a child. That way our place would blossom with beautiful flowers, just like it was when I was a kid.
My Grandmother's Garden by Kat Dannug

“To my Grandmother who is always so passionate, your garden will continue to blossom even in heaven.”

Kat Dannug is photographer from Manila, Philippines, and loves to travel. You can find Kat's work at www.instagram.com/katdannug and www.katdannug.exposure.co

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